The start (English translation of my first post)


There it is … .another one of many blogs about healthy living, food, exercise, and similar things. Information about this in our day are flooding and drowning our minds, not to mention the commercials that you can hear at least once a day, wheather you want it or not.

But I started to learn about healthy food two or maybe three years, before it became so popular (at least in my country). In 2010 I started, I think. As a 17-year-old student.

The reason for this was that I wanted to look better, to lose about  4 kilos, have a slightly better assessment of the exercise (but also elsewhere) run the whole Cooper instead of walking … I was not satisfied with myself, I really wasn’t. Ever since elementary school, maybe even kindergarten, since time immemorial, mainly. I had to do something.

I started with a few changes in my diet. Previously I have never dealt with what is healthy and what is not. My favorite food was pizza. I could eat it every single day. I ate a lot of pasta, I ate cookies and sweet stuff for breakfast and for snacks as well. I never liked meat. I hate it. But as a child I should have eaten it. But for me it was eatable only if it was “camouflaged”, ie ground, fried or processed in any way, otherwise I refused to eat. Vegetables were only as a supplement, not even every day. And no one thought about eating fruit, because my family do not eat it. Anyway, as a teenager I lived on “junk” food. 51 or 52 kg, which was my highest weight (high’m just a poor 158 cm), was actually not so bad, depending on pile of my bad habits.

I made some changes. I did not have much knowledge I have acquired information promptly. We all know that vegetables are healthy and have very few calories, so fruit does, bread is healthier if it is whole grain instead of white… I made some healthier replacements and started drinking water. Thereafter, I learned what calories are and that you must burn them more than eat to lose weight. I have reviewed all the boxes to find calorie values of food and tried to eat as little calories as possible. And even those had to get out somehow. So despite I always hated exercise, I worked out every day for half an hour workout at home treadmill and I have attended aerobics once a week for some time (no one was saying, it is not good to do cardio only, that time). I really could not do more, I was still to lazy. I lost about 10 kg in six months. It seemed pretty good. My family didn’t have the same opinion, since they suspected that I had anorexia (in addition, we have a little quarrel because I decided to become a vegetarian). It is true that I  “fell inside” in this weight loss to much, but I did not have any form of eating disorder. I never spent a day without food, I was never ill, even my concentration got better and I was getting the highest grades in school. I was more beautiful, more prosperous, I felt well, and later I even started to like exercising (except games with a ball, I really hate them).

But things completely changed last year. Suddenly I realized that I no longer have the goals to follow, also no new results, which I could be proud of. I found out that my field of study (primary school education) no longer interests me and is not suitable for me at all. First year I still liked everything, I had exellent grades without excessive torture and I was the best student at the college, but the practice has shown that in this profession knowledge is not the most important thing. Personality matters more. And my is definitelly not proper to do this job. I can say that my study field is at the same time too easy for my abilities, but in some tasks I will always be among the less prosperous. I changed my opinion about the job of a teacher: it seems to me that these poor people are underappreciated. Rare of them are really good, but they have something in theirselves. The ability to see a hope in every child and lead them to success. Pupils give them the energy and the will to work, even if it is tireing and stressful. My experience was opposite. Children brought my energy and motivation to the lowest possible level. In fact, I never claimed that I love children. Some of them are fun sometimes, but that’s all. I am not a lot in contact with them. I have no wish to be. I’m not sure I want to have my own kids. Rather not. I don’t know why I’ve chosen that college. My mistake (but as we all do, we the people). If I could go back in 2012 (which was in my opinion the best year in my life) I would change just one thing – I wouldn’t choose this faculty. And do not think I’m a bad person just because I don’t really like children.

I went out of topic, didn’t I? To get back to my weight loss ie effort and restriction, to look beautiful: after a while I stopped being afraid of food. I heard more and more new information (even from people I really knew and workout with them) about the need to eat even every three hours, eat after exercise, not skipping the meals… they “scared” a little with their food supplements, I would not name their brand here. For some time I’ve consumed them and spent a lot of money because I’m a little naive and it is hard for me to say “no.” Maybe I will write more about this in one of my future releases. For some time I ate something constantly and I still looked skinny. There was no longer any need to restricting the food. I still don’t eat junk food, because it is grose, but I did not deprive myself for sweet things, especially anything that contains chocolate. Unfortunately, that kind of food is “addictive” You always want more and you want it all the time, the body does not give you signs that it is enough. Something tells you to stop, but you can’t stop. And there are the voices in your head, telling you that you’ll regrat this and that it is not worth destroying your body, for which you worked so hard, just because of such stupid uncontrolled eating. But it does not help.

I couldn’t be slim forever, I am not imune on too manybad calories. Suddenly I realized that I had about 4 kilos to get rid of. But they are still here, all of them. I feel lost in all these information: to eat a little amount fat or a lot? Are carbohydrates really bad? Why do you have to eat them normally some days and significantly reduce them other days? Are the grains really bad for you – all of them? There was even a theory that it is better to eat only twice or three times a day than five times. Diet and various theories are so numerous that I could follow different rules each day of the year. And there would be still some I haven’t tried.

Lost and Confused Signpost

I’m trying to control my diet, but I can not get used to keeping a diary, and sometimes is not even possible to estimate the amount of food and seek proper things to enter into the application. So many times I promise to myself that I will eat only when necessary and as small amount as possible and to stop eating chocolate, because I can not eat just one piece (but I can eat only one chocolate at a time). There are days when I strictly eat clean, but there are also days when I go out of control and could eat everything I see (tose days are still too frequent).

I do not hate exercising anymore. When the weather and temperature are fine, I run. This year I completed my first half marathon. I go to fitness regularly. Sometimes I am doing Insanity or Focus T-25. I work out at least 4 times a week. But sometimes I don’t have energy for training and I’m exercising just because I feel guilty if I skip it. Any major change on my body isn’t seen, despite working out. I know many things about food, but not so much about fitness. :( It looks that I do not train hard enough and, yeah, I’ll have to do something about food.

I created the blog, because I need someone to support me to do something good. By myself I would only do what is easier and more comfortable this time. Writing has positive effects as well. The person, who is writing thinks differently and more. I think blogs are cool. I follow and regularly read some that I like. Maybe I should have started writing my own blog before, but I had some doubts that no one would read, that I’ll not get a habit to write regularly, that I’ll have nothing to write about, that I’m not interesting … Even though I am pretty good at writing, I never really wrote, unless I had to do it for school. I’ll try. Maybe I’ll like it. :)

Welcome to all who want to read. Follow, comment, like, give me some feedback, I will be glad if you do it. This post was really really long, but don’t worry, in the following publications you will be less tormented with reading 🙂



3 thoughts on “The start (English translation of my first post)

  1. veggiegirlrachel says:

    Hi! I love your first post. I have some ideas about how you could achieve what you want, and I don’t think you need to follow any particular diet or take any pills! You just need to eat less calories than you use up. That’s it. I find eating clean and exercising makes me feel good and stops me feeling like I want to eat more than I need. I will keep reading. I am on a journey too! Maybe we can read each other’s posts for inspiration. X

    Liked by 1 person

  2. veggiegirlrachel says:

    Hi! I love your first post and will keep reading your updates. Maybe we can read each other’s for inspiration and advice. Good luck!


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