I admit, sometimes I lie. I think everyone hides or tells things in a different way occasionally, (talking about innocent things of course, not to be harmful to anyone). It would also be a lie, if I say I have abs like this:


It is not a photo of someone else, this is really me and no, it is “photoshopped”. The trick is in the proper light, colours (okay, my pale skin is not really a good example, but I am always wearing black clothes, because I know they make you look slimmer – the difference is very noticeable, believe me), posture and muscle tension, viewing angle (to determine the shadows) and also in perception of a person, who is observing. It depends on their experiences (in this case if the person is surrounded by perfectly shredded female fitness models or women, who haven’t seen a gym from inside). Some people would say “Wow, she looks amazing”, some others would say “Is she really bragging with that?”. Moreover, you also see picture differently, if you watch it closer or you make a step back. Try, you would find out what I mean. Different circumstances would show me completely different. But, without any trace of ab muscles I couldn’t even make an illusion, not even if I was a master of playing with the light, angle, colours etc. So there are results of my daily gym visits. Yeeey!!! 🙂

Not to talk about illusions only, I’ll show you a real piece of art – my green smoothie for breakfast.

SuperPhoto_150608083948 Amazing photo, isn’t it? These filters are really awesome. I’ll also give you a reciepe of this delicious green monster. I make the same one almost everytime. I blended one banana, 1/4 of avocado (or a half, if it’s small), piece of ginger, a handfull (or more) of spinach, cinnamon, 2 ts of chia seeds, 1 ts of spirulina and 2 ts of hemp protein powder. I added water by feeling. I prefer not too liquid smoothies. I like eating them with spoon. It’s yummy, you have to try it 🙂

20150608_153021And this was my lunch today. Veggies with greek yoghurt sauce and hummus. This red thing on hummus is chilli I got from Chinese restaurant. I love spicy food, I could eat this chilli with spoon. 😀

I did not take pictures of my other meals.

Today I didn’t go to the gym. I rather stayed at home doing Focus T-25 (today it was core cardio). I was dying of heat despite of the air conditioner set at 18 °C. Now I understand, why people train so hard before summer – they can’t do it in the summer because of the heat. Okay, the main reason is still that they want to look good at the beach, probably. It’s harder to look perfect there than at the photos. I went to the beach yesterday. Fortunatelly nobody knew me there, so I realized no one really cares about my pale skin and everything else. And the water was perfect.

It’s not worth to worry about your appearance to much, you’ll regret not enjoying the summer.

Good night 🙂



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