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Today I came one step closer to my dream job, I signed up for the AFP (Association of Fitness Professionals Slovenia) course for nutrition consultant licence!!! I’m interested in making nutrition plans and advise people how to improve their health since five years ago, when I started to think about my healthy diet in order to lose that…ammm…at the beginning just a few and then about 10 kg. At the very beginning I realized that it is not so difficult to lose some weight. There are many ways to do it – healthy, less healthy, harmful, even death-causing. But, when you reach your goal weight (and survive) it is very likely to get it back. The question is, how to prevent it. There is still lack of knowledge among people, how to do it. And this will one of the topics we are going to focus on. I had to go to Ljubljana (our capital city), where the course will take place for a consultation before I decide to apply. I have done it quickly, so I decided to walk around city centre. I went for a lunch in Loving Hut – vegan restaurant. It’s a really nice restaurant and I think even people who eat meat would like the food (actually, I wonder how they cannot give up meat when they have so many delicious foods around). If I lived in Ljubljana I could eat in Loving Hut every day. I found out they are also in other countries: and there is Slovenian web page: I only regret I forgot to visit Cat cafe (the coffee shop, where they have cats – all the cat lovers, who cannot have their own cat can enjoy their company in the cafe). Soooo cooool, I must go next time. My food today:

  • Breakfast: fat-free greek yoghurt with strawberries, cinnamon and honey, coffee with rice milk
  • Snack: apple and 1/2 of protein bar
  • Lunch: rocola and chickpea salad, brown rice with curry and vegetables
  • Other half of protein bar and later also a raw food bar, bought in Loving Hut
  • Dinner: a piece of home made pizza (the dough was from that grain I don’t know the name – in Slovenian language we say pira) and some cherry tomatoes.

Usually I avoid eating carbs in the evening. I really shouldn’t… But no matter how much I care about what I eat, I think I have every day more cellulite. WHY?????? 😦


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