Smoothies from a non air-conditioned store are warm

Wednesday, 10 June 2015 (written on Thursday)

I work in a superfood store, where we also serve smoothies and raw cakes. I finally found a part time job I like, but it turned out that I’m not so lucky that I thought… I’ll explain it on Friday, when I’m going to write a post about superfoods.

Store I work in is really nice (I especially like green walls and wooden shelves), however it will be difficult to be there for hours this summer. Air conditioner needed!!! Even our fridge is not cold enough. ūüėõ The owner of the store has taken a smoothie I made and complained a little bit, because it wasn’t cold enough. But I couldn’t make it colder, because the fridge couldn’t cool enough¬†the water and the fruit. But the taste was great anyway. The boss finally realized that our smoothies are too liquid and decided to increase the quantity of fruit and greens instead of putting so much water. I regret I followed the reciepes strictly, because I knew these smoothies were too liquid. I make thicker smoothies at home (I use the spoon to eat them, not the straw) and so my boyfriend does and so they do¬†in my favuorite smoothie bar in town.

There were not many costumers today (our store is so small and hidden¬†that no one can find it!), so I could continue reading the book 80/10/10 by Dr.¬†Douglas N.¬†Graham. Does anyone know it? I’ll write something about it, when I read it all. I wanted to write my blog, but I’m afraid being caught doing this at work. But I improvised with the ingredients and made a smoothie for me.


I made it with strawberries, nettles, hemp protein powder, pineapple, chia seeds, coconut flour and spirulina. Even smoothie without bananas can be delicious. Otherwise I always put banana or at least avocado in my smoothies for the creamy texture.

I haven’t done any workout today, because I worked in the morning and I was with my schoolmates from faculty trying to study. It wasn’t very successful, because we had a dilemma, what to study and where to study from. This faculty is just awful, especially this year…omg… We were searching for something useful, then we were complaining about everything, then someone remembered something silly (like awkward dreams¬†and other situations)¬†and we¬†were laughing, finally we decided to go for a walk and I returned home about midnight having nothing in my head. But it was nice to hang with my friends.

My food today:

  • Breakfast: green smoothie and a cup of coffee with rice milk
  • Snack at work: “maca coffee” (maca + raw cacao + coconut sugar + mesquite + rice milk), smoothie and goji berries that I eat all the time there
  • Late lunch: Salad with ammm… this grain I don’t know the name in English, feta cheese, tomato, red pepper, cucumber and¬†green salad
  • A¬†banana at my friend’s
  • Protein bar when I was walking home (it was about 11 pm and I haven’t eaten anything since 4 – exept for¬†that banana)

Good night ūüôā


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