Solar powered

Hello 🙂 I’m back after two days of unplanned writing unactivity. I didn’t go anywhere, I’m still here, I’ll still be writing, because I love it. I wish to get better and read among higher number of people one day. It’s true that I’m writing for myself, but I’ll be really happy if someone else would enjoy reading. My first post was in two languages – Slovene and English, from now on I’ll be writing just in English, unless there will be many readers from Slovenia. It’s time for the final exams and it can happen I’ll be too busy, but I’ll try to write every day. 🙂

This post supposed to be Tuesday’s.

I started the day with an English exam. I guess I did quite well, although I was writing slowly, because I needed time to think how to write my thoughts in the form of logically connected text. And it’s the same, when I’m writing in Slovene. I think I only need more practise. It’s a good chance to do it here.

After the exam in the morning I went to the gym. These days are so hot, that the sweat is running out of your skin even in the air conditioned places. I hate wet clothes on me :/ But the heat is not excuse not to exercise. Excuses won’t make my body any better. That day I was doing exercises for legs and glutes and finished the workout with Insanity Cardio abs. I was dying during my workout, but the day after I didn’t feel like my muscles were working hard the day before. Maybe I still wasn’t training hard enough, maybe it really was the heat that exhausted me.

My food on Tuesday (I hope not to forget anything):

  • Breakfast: green smoothie (the same as on Monday), 1 cup of black coffee (I didn’t have non-diary milk at home)
  • 1 apple before workout
  • whey protein after workout
  • lunch: sandwich with bread made of….I don’t find the word for that grain, sorry. Google translator doesn’t know either. It’s something that is commonly used for replacing wheat. Similar to barley, but it isn’t. It had the spread of peanuts, coconut milk and curry, avocado, carrots, cabbage and red peppers. I didn’t make it by myself, I bought it, but the owner of that food store makes bread and the toppings by herself. Here’s a picture:

 Sandwich from “Hiša De Rin” 🙂

  • I bought me also something sweet, but it’s kind of healthy stuff. Raw, vegan, it has greens, 11 g of protein, sweeted with date and rice syrup…and it’s SOLAR POWERED. Interesting, I see something like this on the label for the first time. I don’t know exactly, what does it mean. But I love all kinds of raw food bars. I spend too much money for them. 😛

20150609_164956 So, I have the solar power now 😀

  • For dinner I had green salad with cabbage and beans. Vegetables, vitamin C and some plant proteins. Not bad 🙂 later I had also some peanuts – I was still hungry or it was just a thing of habit to have something in my mouth.

I don’t think today’s food and workout was bad, but I could do better, what do you think?

 Of course, yesterday I didn’t have solar power 😀


2 thoughts on “Solar powered

  1. veggiegirlsdiary says:

    Your English is good! You should keep blogging for practise. And the way that you write is funny, it makes me laugh! Well done for your eating and exercise too. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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