Problems of a blogging beginner

Hello, it’s me again 🙂 Yes, my blog is still alive, I haven’t been active for a while again for study reasons etc. I’m ok, but I’ve been already better…I’m becoming depressed again, feeling I can’t control myself while eating, sometimes I still feel disgusting, however I have a feeling that it can dissapear after time, I would make it. It is not easy to accept myself after years of being unaccepted… I’ll do my best.

Anyway, I’ve spent some time checking out popular blogs about health, food, fitness and stuff I’d like to write about. It’s hardly possible for me to have a few 1000 followers and so high popularity that I could get rich from that, it’s not the reason I’m writing for, anyway, but I would still like some more people reading me.

There are quite many problems with increasing my visibility. I’m not really good with tecnology and today it took me really long to costumize my website. (You can see I changed it a little bit – my previous theme made it a little bit hard to orientate. As a beginner I’m still getting to know how the things work.) I’m also slow while I’m writing, cause I need to translate my thoughts and put them in order and I always look for the connection of the sentences and I forget what I wanted to tell or don’t know how to tell…

Also these famous blogger girls write about fasion and beauty stuff. I have no sense of fashion, I just wear…..just clothes. They may look good on me sometimes, but not always. I would like to know how to choose my outfits better, but I never take time to think about it. I wear make up every day – pretty much always the same, I wear jewellery when I don’t forget to put it on… I am the last person in the world who could write anything about beauty and fashion, unfortunatelly.

I was thinking about focusing more on book reviews (books about healthy food and diets (i.e. lifestyles also) I’ve already mentioned I was reading 80/10/10) and cooking (but there might be problems with lack of time, lack of ideas, small kitchen and my family who wouldn’t eat the things I make – they don’t like food they are not used to eat almost every week. And my fear of my greed and overeating).

As I said, writing for practice and for myself may be good for me. About the blog – we’ll see where can it lead me to.

Good night



4 thoughts on “Problems of a blogging beginner

  1. ddam123 says:

    Hey. I noticed about how you said you were having trouble getting your blog out there. Read other people’s blogs then leave a nice comment and ask them to read your blog and see if they like it! Being nice to people always works! Ps. I’ll follow you if you follow me?

    Liked by 1 person

    • tina s. says:

      Ja, res je. Pri blogspotu me malo moti, ker bloga ne moreš popolnoma izbrisati, če se za to odločiš. V šoli smo enkrat odprli blog na blogspotu tako poskusno, brezveze. Sem hotela odstraniti in odpreti novega, pa ne gre.


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