The day of zucchini and hummus

After a long time not spent in the home kitchen, I spent my afternoon there today. We had a lot of zucchini at home, because my grandma gave them to us and I didn’t know that, so I bought them on the market as well. So there were really so many of them that they couldn’t even fit in the fridge. I’ve cooked them and tomorrow I’ll probably eat them with rice and tofu. I left four to grill them another day or eat them raw. For todays lunch I grated one zucchini and put then in an omlette with an egg, onion, rosemary and a pinch of curcuma. I also put tomato and parmesan cheese on the plate. It was a delicious summer mediterean lunch 🙂


Later I made hummus. I haven’t made it since I was in Turkey last year. Last time I bought in the store, but I prefer it homemade by me. I bought canned chickpeas and tahini (whenever I want to buy tahini I wish I was in Turkey – they have it so cheap). I love it spicy, but today I kept it plain. I noticed there are some people from India, who saw my blog, I’ll write a short message for them: Hello, people from India! I love your cuisine so much!!! 🙂

Usually I eat hummus with carrots, I did the same for today’s dinner.

It almost seems like a good day, but it wasn’t really. Actually it looked like I would ruin my day overeating all the crap in the house. I don’t know why I had to put a spoon in Nutella this morning, it’s disgustingly sweet and the label clearly shows there is nothing good inside and my fat will never disappear that way, but it’s sooo addictive that it’s just impossible to stop. I’ll never buy it anyway, my sister likes to eat it, so there is always a jar in the house. And there are always cookies. Also for me to steal when nobody’s watching. But I haven’t eaten nothing from 8 am to 3 pm, just to let my body saying itself, when it’s really time to eat. Sounds wierd, but I make the healthiest options when I feel a little hungry. I eat “bad” foods only when I’m not hungry anymore.

There was no opportunity to workout today. My morning was busy because of an exam (I bought morning fitness membership card), the weather was moore or less rainy, so I couldn’t exercise outside and there were my family at home after lunch (I feel wierd working out, when someone is home). I’ll go to the gym tomorrow, I’ll be training double as hard 😉

I just seen today it was the best day for likes on my blog. Yeeeeeeey!!! 😀 Looks like my complaining in the previous post was helping me (?) 😀

Sweet dreams, guys 🙂


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