A day to almost call it perfect

I think I should be quite proud of myself today, once for a change I have reasons to be(exept for Saturday’s brilliant discover to change my thoughts to change my life https://gettingnutsforbeingawesome.wordpress.com/2015/06/14/change-your-thoughts-transform-your-life/).

  1. I already told you about my English exam, the one I almost didn’t have enough time to finish. I may be a slow writer, but my English is good enough for the highest grade. And I got another 10 (we have grades from 1 to 10, 6 needed to pass) in another subject, but it’s not official yet.
  2. My workout was intensive enough, I felt great doing it, I had no fear how would I look like, if I stop going to fitness from any reason, but I just kept doing pull-ups and push-ups and lifting hand weights, I was there for 1 and a half hour, I was thinking about finishing, but I was still full of energy, so I did 50 burpees as the last exercise.
  3. I got a new part time job! It’s just for July, but still better than no job or job that I would hate. I’ll work as a waitress in a small restaurant, where they also serve student meals (also healthy options and many vegetarian or vegan dishes).
  4. I never liked to practise playing musical instruments (we must play them at the faculty). But today I grabbed the block flute and played.
  5. I was quite successful with the food. I tried to eat just a little carbs, and the success has last until now. All together I ate nearly 1200 kcal. More details here: wpid-screenshot_2015-06-18-21-23-20.png wpid-screenshot_2015-06-18-21-23-29.png

My food diary 18 June 2015

It seems that I ate way too much fat, but, if you decrease your carbs, it is logical that the % of protein and fat increase (all together always makes 100 % – the book 80/10/10 explains this thing very well). This ratio changed a little bit now, because I just couldn’t do without something sweet and I ate a raw coconut & cocoa bar which has 148 kcal, 20.9 g of carbs and 7.8 g of fat. It’s one of the best I ever tried. Look for this:   🙂

Oh, yes, the reason why I put the word “almost” in the title – I missed something fun or special to happen. I missed someone to make me laugh, to talk with me, someone to spend my time with doing just anything…

Thanks to all of you, who follow my blog. XOXO 🙂


2 thoughts on “A day to almost call it perfect

  1. veggiegirlsdiary says:

    I love reading your blog posts, you seem like the sweetest girl – you have a great attitude and the things you say make me smile ☺ I hope that added a little bit of “special” to your almost perfect day! x

    Liked by 1 person

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