“Sometimes it’s all you need to wear”

Does it sound any familiar to you? Remember who said this? Let me refrash your memory: Christina Aguilera perfume

Yesterday I didnn’t write any post. I was working at the cosmetic shop as a perfume promoter. One of the perfumes on discount was Christina’s – although I am not a fan of perfumes made by celebtities (I mean models and singers), that one is not bad at all. I was even wearing it when I was working. It was not the only thing I was wearing, obviousely 🙂 (the time to wear only the perfume came later, after work was done – now you know why was I too busy at the evening to write :D)

I was wearing black T-shirt and black trousers and nice jewellery at work. I actually felt beautiful that time, probably because of all black clothes on me and beautiful make-up. Black was kind of dress code.


The work was less boring that I thought, some costumers were really funny, especially older ladies – sometimes they don’t stop talking 😀 Even when there was anyone interested in perfumes, I found something to do – walking around and smelling all perfumes that attracted me – pour homme et pour femme – I liked some of male perfumes so much that I would even like to wear them 😀

Today I went to the gym in the morning and my leg day was not easy, but I still had the power to do these 45 burpees for finish. I’ve been eaten clean since Friday or Thursday, I drink a lot of water and green tea, my trainings are still regular and a little bit harder, so this shouldn’t be happened according to all the logic…it’s contradictory….the scale showed 46 kg (I’ve never been that fat since I was 17). Normally my weight is between 44 and 45 kg, last year it was 43 kg….I don’t understand it. Yesterday I didn’t eat more than 1000 kcal (I think it was even nearly 900). I’ll say the thing I said already few 100 times before: I’ll keep eating clean, I’ll not eat more than 1200 calories, I’ll workout at least 5 times a week, this time I will really follow all of this, without chocolate attacks.

P.S. Today there was I.B.F.F. competition in my town – these guys covered with brown skin colour are sooooo hilarious 😀


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