Wednesday – weigh in, women’s issues, workout and what I ate

These days I am eating quite well, without many extra calories from sweets or fat. My workouts are regular, not any less intensive as they were. I drink lots of water and green tea. So, it seems I’m doing everything right, aren’t I? Of course, I didn’t expect my weight to go straight back to 41 kg over night, but the number I saw this morning, shocked me. My weight should be between 44 and 45 kg, but today the scale showed 46 (!). I was not wearing clothes and I had weight in before I ate or drank. So I decided, my dinner today would be a few laps of running. Later I realized I got period today, but I didn’t think this could cause so much extra weight. I mean, I don’t have 1 liter of blood to lose… Still, I checked if there is a connection between period and weight gain and I found out that it’s actually normal to have from 0.5 to 10 pounds more than usual. The main reason is that body stores more water this time. Read about it more precisely here:

After that, I didn’t feel so upset any more. So, I’ll repeat weigh in next week and see the difference.

I was at the gym nearly 1 hour and a half, I was doing pull-ups, dips, some byceps and tryceps exercises with weights and push-ups and planks for finish. At the evening I also went for a run (I kept my promise from the morning). I did just 7 laps, which is 7 km. With some stops to drink. I was running slowly, nearly 45 minutes. The length was 1/3 of my record (half marathon this April). It should be piece of cake for me, but it was not. Maybe because the sun was too strong (despite it was cold in the morning after yesterday’s rainstorm) or because I was training legs the day before or because my new headphones were disturbing me. Anyway, my workout was still much better than the one of people, who were sitting on the couch, drinking cheap lager and eating chips, pizza or gummy bears. 😀

Many girls complain they crave sweets all the time, when they have period or PMS (fortunatelly I don’t have this thing). But I wasn’t hungry at all today. Total energy value of the food I ate today was around 1000 calories. And it was low in sugar.

My food diary 24 June 2015


MyFitnessPal said: “If every day were like today… You’d weigh 40.5 kg in 5 weeks” 🙂

Have a good night and sweet dreams! 🙂


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