Shopping, chocolate and Cosmo


After days of eating clean and less than I did before (picnic on Friday doesn’t count – acting like you are on the diet at social events makes you being loke a person no one wants to invite, besides that: you have to have a “cheat day” once a week) I treated myself with a raw chocolate bar after dinner. I took just one piece first and almost changed my mind to eat it all, but I was still a little bit hungry and 150 calories is not too much, after all, my salad for dinner probably had them even less. I’m a chocoholic, there’s no doubt. 😉
Cosmopolitan is another thing I’m addicted to. So is Elle and other similar magazines. Unfortunatelly I read them in no time. The good thing is that blogs exist – they are like the same thing and you have new stuff to read all the time. So awesome.


I’m not really a shopping lover. In fact, I don’t even like it. I never liked to spend  hours at the malls in the shops trying the clothes on. I like many things, but I have no idea how to combine these stuff to look like I have a style. Anyway, I went shopping because I had no shorts at all. And I just gave away many old T-shirts, so I had to change my summer wardrobe. I bought two pairs of shorts and one black top.
My food today:
Breakfast: green smoothie and coffee with soy milk (around 300 kcal)
After workout: whey proteins (around 100 kcal)
Lunch: green salad with beans and greek yoghurt dressing, rice with peppers, tomatoes and eggplant (500-600 kcal (?) I have no feeling here how much it was)
Dinner: salad (lunch leftovers) (100 kcal) and raw chocolate bar (150 kcal)
All together – 1200 +/- 50 kcal (if my feeling for counting calories isn’t wrong)
I’ll try to write a review on book 80/10/10 tomorrow. 🙂
Good night :*


3 thoughts on “Shopping, chocolate and Cosmo

      • rainypier says:

        I totally get you. I can never prepare my own meals, my family always does it so it’s a bit tedious to make a separate meal especially when what they make sometimes is absolutely delicious ^^; Good luck, though.

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